Statement on Membership - MPW


What is MPW?

  • MPW is a not for profit organization
  • Is a group of professional wedding suppliers
  • Provides the forum to network with each other
  • To have trust in each other’s services
  • To recommend each other to prospective wedding couples
  • Share business acumen
  • Bring like-minded professionals together to share, support and grow


What is Networking?

  • MPW provides regular forums to come together to learn about each other’s businesses
  • By connecting with each other, swapping business cards and asking questions about each other’s businesses
  • Like/follow each other’s businesses on Facebook and Instagram
  • Having trust in each other’s businesses allows the recommendation on your behalf
  • The more you learn and trust, the more others learn and trust and the circle becomes bigger and ensures we keep the business on the Peninsula


What involvement do you need to have?

  • Attend as many networking events as possible – the best way to learn about other members
  • Introduce yourself to everyone at these events
  • Have business cards to hand out at all times


MPW Directory

  • Have a copy of this booklet with you when meeting with potential clients
  • Go through their needs for all aspects of their big day
  • This provides a professional impression that the potential client can trust these members

There is plenty of work for us all and having the professional, local membership to draw on as recommendations sets apart from the others out there.

We are not a group purely to advertise our services.

We are Unique:

  • We care about each other
  • We trust and support each other
  • We can grow our businesses together
  • We are the one Stop Shop for bridal couples

“What you put in will come back around to you tenfold” It’s up to YOU

Mornington Peninsula Weddings