Real Wedding : Trash the Dress with Jess and Russ

And now for something different……

How lovely would it be to put your wedding dress again, run down the beach and into the cooling sea!

Well, that’s exactly what Jess and Russ did a few weeks after their wedding. Many couples talk about a post-wedding shoot but very few are daring enough to actually do it!

It can be a fun and relaxing shoot as you don’t have all the stresses of the wedding day, you can be more daring with locations and what you do in your dress. Usually known as “Trash the Dress”, it’s up to you how much trashing you wish to do! It could be an unique location you couldn’t get to on the day, somewhere special or just simply like Jess and Russ, a trip to our local beach and ending up with a dip in the sea.

If you are worried about your dress, then sea water won’t damage it and it can be dry cleaned afterwards. However, do check as some delicate materials may be affected.

We had a great time with Jess and Russ on this shoot, it was so much fun and very exciting to try something new.

Post-wedding shoots are an extended portrait session and even if we didn’t shoot your wedding, we are more than happy to do one of these sessions for you!

Kim and Steve, Slick Shoots Photography

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