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Captivating Wedding Photography servicing Mornington Peninsula and Victoria

“So you fell in love and decided, “Hey! I actually want to spend the rest of my life with this human” and now you’re celebrating that decision and love by having a wedding – woo!! My best friend and high-school sweetheart Shani and I also felt this way, had our own wedding 9+ years ago and now here we are, working together 24/7 creating images for couples that we genuinely feel connected to for life post-wedding.

We believe that a wedding day, when experienced free from stress, unnecessary obligations and traditions, allows you to absorb your friends’ and family’s appreciation of you and can truly change you as a person. We see our couples slowing down to take in every moment over the course of the day and to put it simply we feel proud and happy that we could be a part of creating a safe space in which they could decide to take that “live in the moment” path.

We’ve been labelled more than once as “Wedding Life Coaches/Counsellors/Yoda” (haha!) and although it wasn’t intentional at the beginning, we’ve found that putting the state of mind/emotional well-being of our couples first and foremost before and during the wedding, over the actual photography has meant that what we end up capturing is REAL, unguarded and filled with what wedding days should be about -JOY!

We love a good chat, people-watching, a good cup of tea, adventurous weddings, oh and animals… Bring on more of these at weddings!”

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